Are Artificial Sweeteners Making Me Gain Weight?

With the unhealthy benefits that are associated with sugar such as the increased cases of obesity, many artificial sweeteners have been created to serve in the place of sugar as they replicate the same sweet taste. This post will explore whether artificial sweeteners contribute to gaining weight.

Artificial sweeteners like sucralose are made such that the calorie amount they contain is negligible. However, while the products are created to aid in the loss of weight a recent study showed that artificial sweeteners may actually be doing the opposite. These products may contribute to weight gain in the following ways.

1. Increase in appetite

Considering that these sweeteners have low-calorie levels research shows that they may fail to complete the food reward path in the brain leading to the demand for more food. This may cause the person to be hungry more often and take in more food thus leading to weight gain.

2. Ignorance

Artificial sweeteners have no calories and as such, it seems like there is no reason for the individual to stop eating because his or her body does not receive any energy from it. This leads to further absorption of energy-rich foods which may lead to increased weight gain.

3. Increase in carbohydrate cravings

With these sweeteners being used in high amounts the body may be confused as to which route it is supposed to take with food, whether it is going towards energy or carbohydrates. With this, the body may start to crave carbohydrates as a result of its confusion.

4. Higher BMI

Artificial sweeteners are used in high amounts and as a result, the individual may keep consuming these products and the body will keep taking in energy. This will lead to an increased body mass index or BMI which is a measure of adipose tissue accumulation. A high BMI has been connected to an increase in mortality rates, especially among heart patients as well as diabetes type 2. While artificial sweeteners may cause an increase in body mass index they do not contribute to increasing in body weight or fat mass.

5. Artificial sweeteners have no difference from sugar on the impact on blood sugar levels

In the list of artificial sweeteners, the difference that they have with sugar is minimal. Some studies showed that it takes more products like aspartame to have an identical impact on blood sugar levels compared to sugar. While the blood sugar levels may not spike immediately with artificial sweeteners in the long run the blood sugar levels will increase. The increase in blood sugar levels may lead to increased body weight with time.

Bottom Line

Even though not all artificial sweeteners will have the same baseline impact as sugar most of them are comparable and may lead to an increase in body weight. It is important to contact thorough research on the type of sweetener you are using and how it may impact your diet.

Proper nutritional education is important to understand exactly how artificial sweeteners work and why they were developed. If you are consuming more than one artificial sweetener, it is important to stick to the recommended daily limits that have been set up by your doctor or nutritionist.

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