Recognizing the Signs of a Pulled Back Muscle

Back pain. Athletic running man with injury in sportswear rubbing touching lower back muscles standing on road outside at night.

Your spine is divided into three sections – the neck, the upper back/shoulders, and the lower back. When it comes to recognizing the signs of a pulled back muscle, however, it all depends upon where the injury is located.

                Signs of Pulled Muscle in the Neck:

  1. Pain in the neck/upper back portion of the body.
  2. Very little range of motion in the neck
  3. Stiffness in the neck
  4. Pain pulsing through shoulders and/or arms
  5. Headaches

Signs of Pulled Muscle in Shoulders and Upper Back:

  1. Pain between the spine and shoulder blade
  2. Muscle spasms in the upper back
  3. Knots and a sense of tightness in the upper back and shoulders
  4. Pain when moving shoulders

Signs of Pulled Muscle in Lower Back:

  1. Aches and stiffness in the lower back
  2. Pain that becomes worse with movement
  3. Pain pulsing to the hips and legs
  4. Limited range of motion
  5. Spasms in the lower back
  6. Pain while sitting, standing, or walking

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