Tips on Recovering from a Slip

Mature Man Lying On Staircase After Slip And Fall Accident

Slipping can be just as dangerous as falling. While the actions you’ll take during recovery will vary depending upon the severity and type of injury you now have, here are some tips to keep in mind while you help get your life back to normal.

  1. Receive a diagnosis. After the slip occurs, make a trip to your local ER if the injury appears to be serious, and then make an appointment with your doctor. Depending on the injury, a specialist may be required. While meeting with your doctor, explain all of the symptoms you are experiencing and ask your doctor what they think you may be suffering from, such as a concussion, broken bones, sprains, etc.
  2. Discuss your options for recovery. Now that you know what injuries you have, discuss a recovery plan with your doctor. You may need surgery or an intensive treatment option. You may also receive medication or a regimen to follow.
  3. Get plenty of rest and maintain a proper diet. How much we sleep and eat helps determine how quickly and how effectively our bodies will heal when under trauma. Failing to get enough sleep each night places stress upon the body and can negatively impact the body’s ability to heal wounds. As for eating, your body will need foods that don’t cause inflammation, as this can interfere with healing. You will need foods that contain collagen and protein in order to heal properly.
  4. Do as your doctor instructs. Listen to their treatment plan and follow it strictly, schedule regular appointments for check-ups and updates, and attend them.
  5. Try to manage your symptoms. Talk about pain management techniques with your doctor and see if there are other options in addition to prescription medication, such as meditation or supplements. Hot and cold treatments soak, and massages can also help with pain management. If you are prescribed pain medication, ask about possible side effects.
  6. Take it slow and easy. When our bodies experience injuries, a lot of energy is used for repairing. If you enjoy staying busy, you may find it difficult to stay indoors or on the couch for days or weeks, but this is truly what your body needs in order to heal. If you are able, try to move around the house a little bit. This could be beneficial; however, take it at your own pace and don’t force yourself to keep going if you are experiencing pain. Do only as much as your injury allows, with the exception of a concussion. If you play sports and have recently been diagnosed with a concussion, even if you feel better, stay away from sports until you are completely healed. If you have a broken leg, look into upper body training exercises to help build muscle and improve blood flow.
  7. Seek physical and psychological help. Physical therapy is great for regaining mobility, stability, and strength after a slip. However, depending on how bad the slip was, it’s possible you may need help with emotional and psychological trauma. This occurs after the patient is left with serious impairment, disability, scarring, or disfigurement. A mental help professional can assist you with this to help you get back to enjoying your life. We can help at Keystone Healthcare.

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