Will A Massage Help With My Back Pain?

Back pain is a common problem among a large percentage of adults. Millions of people suffer from back problems that present themselves in various ways, including muscle tension, aches, inflammation, and stiffness. A painful back, especially in the lower region, causes great discomfort.

It can make daily activities like bending over a sink, walking up a flight of stairs, or carrying grocery bags difficult. So, finding the right treatment like Keystone Healthcare is crucial. Massage is gaining prominence as an effective approach to dealing with back pain. However, not everyone understands how a simple massage can help.

The Effectiveness of Massage in Back Pain Relief

There isn’t sufficient research to prove how well massages work in relieving back pain. However, when combined with other care steps, massage goes a long way in pain management. The rubbing, kneading, and stroking that happens during a massage boost blood flow to the muscles. Consequently, the delivery of oxygen and nutrients improves, which helps get rid of toxic substances and relieve pain. For this reason, massage is a practical alternative for treating chronic pain in the lower back and other regions.

The appeal of massage as a remedy is that it is not intrusive. It also poses little to no risk. Massages allow practitioners to focus on the source of the pain, which helps provide lasting relief. However, massage works best when it is part of holistic treatment. Doctors and other practitioners recommend massage therapy along with other solutions, including medication, physical therapy, and acupuncture. Apart from back pain, massage can help decrease stress and offer relaxation.

What Works?

Massages are available in many forms, and it is hard to pick one as the most effective for the treatment of back pain. As with any other remedies, what works for you might not be suitable for someone else. Additionally, you cannot determine the right dose. So, you have to work with a qualified practitioner to find something that works for you.

Swedish massage is widely popular. It involves deep pressure and light stroking to relax the muscles. Shiatsu involves acupressure. Deep tissue uses slow strokes and direct pressure to relieve chronic muscle tension. Myofascial release is suitable for muscle injuries because it releases tension in the fascia, which is the tissue that supports the muscle. Reiki and trigger point are some of the other massage therapies that are available.

Finding the massage type that works for you might not happen right away. For the best results, ensure that you are working with a qualified professional. Stick to trained and licensed massage therapists. Check out their credentials and history. Also, ask for recommendations from individuals who experience the same challenges as you. Online forums are good places to look.

In instances of back injuries, get the expert opinion of a doctor to ensure that massage therapy is not harmful to your health. Also, find out about the recommended duration of a massage, depending on your condition.

Massage can help in the treatment of back pain, allowing you to carry out normal activities stress-free. Make sure to consult a doctor for advice on how to prevent or minimize the risk of back problems.

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