What Is The Most Common Cause Of Back Pain?

Young businesswoman having back pain while sitting at office desk

Back pain can be in the upper or even lower part of your back. Depending on where the actual back pain is, the cause of it can differ. There are many similar health conditions that are linked to back pain though. Muscle or ligament strain, bulging or ruptured disks, skeletal irregularities, and even osteoporosis are some conditions linked to back pain in general.

When it comes to lower back pain, there are various causes. A torn or pulled muscle or ligament is the single most common cause of lower back pain. When a muscle is stretched too far and ends up tearing or damaging the muscle itself, a lower back strain can result.

Lifting heavy objects, or even twisting the spine can cause sprains and strains of the lower back. Lumbar herniated disks, facet joint dysfunction, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, spinal stenosis are just a few other causes of chronic lower back pain. Less common causes of lower back pain can include an infection or even a tumor. Autoimmune disease is another factor of a less common cause of lower back pain.

Upper back pain has different causes. Overuse, muscle strain, injury, poor posture, pressure on the spinal nerves, fractures, or even osteoarthritis are some of the most common causes of upper and middle back pain. These two types of back pain tend to go hand in hand.

There are rare instances where back pain can be caused by other conditions such as gallbladder disease or even cancer. Another thing to know is that upper back pain can develop in conjunction with other medical conditions such as acid reflux or even ulcers.

Regardless of the type of back pain, you are experiencing, it is important to visit your doctor to rule out any serious causes. Most of the treatments for upper and lower back pain are beneficial and depends on the cause of your back pain. There are many tests that a doctor may give a patient in order to find the cause for back pain.

Sometimes back pain is due to simply having poor posture, which can be easily corrected. Other times back pain can be caused by something serious and can ultimately turn into chronic back pain. Home remedies, rest, and even gentle exercise may help back pain. Physical therapy may also be beneficial in some instances for back pain. Sometimes these causes can be avoidable, and sometimes they can not.

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